The Science Of Lyme Disease And How To Treat It

Did you know Lyme Disease can be transmitted through pregnancy and sexual intercourse? Watch the video below from Envita Medical Center and you will understand the science behind Lyme Disease and the true answers to important questions such as: Why are people getting diagnosed with other diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other Auto Immune Diseases when they really have Lyme Disease and co-infections from it? Why does the current "traditional" treatment plan for Lyme Disease not eradicate the disease, causing chronic symptoms to persist? And what is the proper treatment plan for Lyme Disease? Find the answers below: is not affiliated with Envita Medical Center in any way. This article is strictly informational and not for commercial purposes. The goal is to raise awareness and help promote the truth about Lyme Disease in order to help those suffering.

Article by Adam Camara

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