The Likely Reason Why You're Not Sleeping Well

Study Shows Key To SleepBy Adam Camara - A new study at the University of Pittsburgh concluded that an exercise training program has a significant, positive impact on sleep quality and is an effective alternative natural therapy to sleeping pills.

The study included 305 adults over 40 years of age who had sleep problems. They were studied over a period of 10-16 weeks and participated in an exercise training program that consisted of either moderate intensity aerobic exercise or high intensity resistance exercise.

Compared to the control group, the participants who were randomized to an exercise program had a better global Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index score, with a significantly reduced sleep latency (time it takes to fall asleep) and medication use.

There are a number of reasons people sleep poorly, many of them linked to ill health, poor fitness & lack of exercise. So if you're one of the many who have a hard time falling asleep and/or experience poor quality sleep you could opt for a natural solution (more exercise) rather than popping pills that carry negative long and short term side effects. The science backs it up!

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