Jessica Richards Refuses Chemo & Reverses Breast Cancer Naturally

Jessica Richards Cancer Free
It was a devastating moment for Jessica Richards when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 but the former model knew one thing was for sure: she didn’t want to take the traditional approach for treatment.  What followed has left many doctors in shock.

Richards was 50 years old when she found out she had breast cancer. At that time, the cancer consultant she’d been seeing said her tumor was so large that she would need accelerated chemotherapy for several months. He also told her she would “almost certainly” need a mastectomy, her lymph nodes removed, radiotherapy and five years of hormone-altering drugs.

Jessica knew right away that she wanted to take an alternative approach to treatment. Under strict medical supervision, Jessica started researching alternative paths and decided that she would completely overhaul her diet and attempt to fight the disease naturally.

Dr Andre Young-Snell, a specialist in hospital medicine with over 15 years of experience, advised Richards to “switch from a generally healthy diet to a metabolic one, focusing on alkaline over acid foods and cutting out all sugars.” She also cut out all grains and most fruit. She concentrated on eating “leafy green vegetables, short grain rice, quinoa and linseeds, and cut out all dairy, which is pumped with artificial hormones.” She continues, “I also had regular high-dose infusions of vitamin C, a natural form of chemotherapy.”

After three weeks of starting this regimen, Jessica went to her doctor for a check up. She was told that the tumor was breaking down exactly like it would with intensive chemotherapy except without all the organ damage and other deadly side effects.  Two months later, she visited the doctor again and was told “while the tumor was still there, it had shrunk to under half its original size and was breaking up. My recovery was gradual but consistent.” By mid 2008 (just over a year after being diagnosed) she had stopped the vitamin C injections and was seeing her doctors on only a six-month basis. In February of this year, she was completely normal and wouldn’t have to go back to the hospital for a year.

Jessica’s approach may not work for everyone but she wants to advise others on the importance and power of healthy eating and natural treatment.

She notes, “I’m not suggesting for a second that everyone should take an alternative approach. What I am saying is that anyone with a major health scare should make their own, informed choices.”

More information on this amazing story can be found in Jessica Richard's new book The Topic of Cancer.

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